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James Pitchford

James Pitchford is a UK and European Patent Attorney at Mathys & Squire, an IP law firm with over 110 years of experience in the protection and commercialisation of IP rights.

photograph of James Pitchford

James has a degree in physics and materials science, and a PhD in materials science, both from the University of Cambridge. He holds a certificate in Intellectual Property Law from the University of London. 

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Areas of Expertise 

James has experience in: 

  • patent work in the physics, electronics, engineering and materials science sectors 
  • protecting inventions across a range of technology areas within the physical sciences, including in relation to medical devices, diagnostic equipment and computer software 


How can James help

How James can help 

James can provide support with: 

  • early-stage advice to a businesses in respect of their intellectual property 
  • IP strategy in the UK and internationally  
  • drafting and filing patent applications  

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